How To Add a New Location

If your business has multiple locations, they can easily be added. Any Manager from the team can view all entrant's temperature at any location. Internally, you may have a name that you call each location, instead of referring to their address. In Temp Tracker, each location will have a title and an address. You may want to refer to the facility by its street name or city name. Regular employees and Temperature Takers can not add a new location. Locations can only be added by Managers and Billing Liaisons.


  1. Click on Teams


  2. Click on Manage Locations


3. At this point you will see a listing of all the Locations and the number of employees assigned to each location. Eventhough we track it, we recognize that employees will frequently go to other facilities and all their measurements are tracked. To delete a location, their must be zero employees assigned to that location. A Manager can edit an Employee’s location. The Click on the trash icon to delete or on the Edit button to edit a location title or address. Finally to add a location, click on Add New Location.


4. After clicking on the ‘Add New Location’ button, fill in the Name and Address of the facility. Also, if you clicked on Edit, this form will appear and will be prefilled with the location information that can be modified.