Scan an Employee's Temperature Entering a Facility

Any manager can scan an employee’s temperature as they enter the facility. Managers can also designate employees and give them the role of ‘Temperature Taker’. This will allow the employee to handle entrants to the facility.


  1. First click on Scan Temperatures


2. If you just logged in to the system, you will be prompted to set the location. If your company has more than one facility and you set the wrong one, then the temperature recordings will show up at the wrong location. Click on the dropdown to select the correct location and hit Save


3. In this case, we will walk through an employee entering. Click on employee


4. After asking for their name, you can either find it on the screen or filter it by first or last name. If the employee is not found, then click on the New Employee button and fill out the form. (See adding a new Team Member).


5. When the employee is found, click anywhere on the row with the employee’s name and then click on the Next Step button


6. Ask the employee for any of the listed symptoms and select the one(s) that apply or ‘No Symptoms’ if they do not have any. Please remind them to only list a symptom if it is not normal for them to have it. Next, ask the three questions and click on Yes or No and then click on the Next Step button


7. Select the thermometer type, take their temperature and record the value. If the first temperature measurement was high and the temperature was measured again to confirm it, then click the Checked Temperature Twice button, record the last temperature, click next step and wait for the entry decision.


8. The entry decision will be displayed. ‘It will show a green color if the person is allowed to enter, a yellow color if the person is allowed to enter, but either had their temperature measured two times or had a Manager Override (explained in the Quick Tips section). If the color is red and the Manager Override button is not pressed, then the employee is denied entry and an email will be sent out to the employee and managers. At this point, click the 'Next Person’ button and repeat the process